End-To-End Lifecycle For The AI Training Data
Data Collection, Data Onboarding, Workforce Training, Annotation,
Validation and QA.
Why Choose HAIVO?
High Quality Annotation For Complex Media
Experience in complex media and text datasets across various industries
Geospatial focus - satellite data for land cover observation: building footprint, crop monitoring, climate change detection, assets and road mapping
Cross sector expertise: geospatial, automotive, insurance, food safety, agriculture and others
Trained Human Annotators At Scale
2,500+ Annotators
300+ specialize in data collection, 200+ specialize in data annotation
Specialised multi-skills training programs
Native languages: Arabic, French, English
Multi level quality checks
Efficient scalable teams
Fully Managed End-To End Project Delivery
48-hours lead time
A team of experienced full-time professionals provides Training, Project Management, QA layers
SPOC (Single Point of Contact) - a customer-dedicated project manager, responsible for the E2E project delivery and QA
Flexible Cost Structure
Customizable Pricing Plans: Our flexible cost structure allows you to customize pricing plans to fit your specific project needs and budget.
Pay-Per-Use Model: With our flexible cost structure, you only pay for the annotations you actually use, providing cost control and efficiency.
Volume-Based Discounts: We offer discounts based on the volume of annotations, rewarding long-term partnerships and scaling projects.
Pricing Transparency and Flexibility: Our transparent pricing approach ensures clarity upfront, while flexible contract durations accommodate your project's needs.
Flexible Cost Structure
Advanced server security measures (Two-Factor Authentication, SSH Key authentication, secure password and credential storage, strict permission management)
Compliance with EU GDPR data management and record-keeping practices
Auditing and monitoring of data access and usage
Limited access to data by authorized individuals only
Regular security audits and data backups during project execution to detect vulnerabilities.
Limited access to data by authorized individuals to ensure compliance with internal data security and privacy regulation.
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