Scalable Workforce Of 2,500+ Youth Across The Arab World
Our Workforce
Continuous Training
Functional Team Structure
Positive Social Impact
Building Efficient Teams

Pre-Project Data Annotation Training every worker is required to attend 4 weeks of training in “Data annotation for AI”, developed by DOT Lebanon in partnership with Microsoft and sponsored by UNICEF.

Project-Specific Training for every new project, the workers are required to attend case-specific training, which is based on a real sample dataset, covering major concepts, and tools. The training and real-time feedback are delivered by an experienced Project Manager.

Scalability and Expertise x1.5 the required number of workers are trained to efficiently scale the workforce whenever required. Annotators build up solid experience in complex datasets by being exposed to a wide variety of use cases.

Retraining and Upskilling for those annotators wishing to refresh their knowledge, widen their expertise or move up the ranks, we offer retraining and soft-skills training courses. 

Annotators work in teams of 8-10 people led by a Team Leader.

Every annotator is assigned a score that is updated after every new project. The score is based on multiple factors essential to ensure quality work and is used to build efficient teams.

Team Leaders monitor the workforce performance and provide real-time feedback and validation.

Team Leaders report to a Project Manager.

Project Manager is the single point of contact for the client  (SPOC) for the duration of the project. 

The Project Manager does spot checks to ensure consistency of quality and progress across teams and is responsible for timely project delivery.

80% of our workforce are young women.

Remote and low-income communities are the primary focus of our outreach.

Flexible work hours offer an opportunity to earn extra income for students, parents, and others in need.

Free systematic multi-disciplinary training and motivation by being part of the team,  career growth prospects. 

4G network and necessary equipment (tablets or laptops) are provided.

In only one year 250 youths (80%women) got trained on AI data annotations out of which 200 earned income working on projects with HAIVO.

We use Workforce Management Platforms that facilitate workforce management, intraday progress monitoring, and QA.

We encourage teamwork and knowledge sharing through regular trainings and workshops.

The workers are motivated to attend soft-skills trainings by DOT Lebanon (offered for free), such as Time Management, Leadership skills, Teamwork, and Communication.

Weekly performance reviews by Team Leaders encourage 360 feedback in a timely and efficient manner.